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Bargaining Brief 7.22.20

July 22, 2020

Our next bargaining session is on July 27th at 8:30am (Location TBD). Due to current restrictions, we ask that you follow online via the district website or our SJEA Facebook Page. Attached you will find a membership form. Please ask a friend to join today or all of this may be for nothing!

Your bargaining team: Justin Vogel, Lorraine Stinson, Chad Razey, Jennifer Gurick, Seth Knolhoff, Joshua Kaspar, Tammy Whitaker, Michelle Dillon

SJEA (the union) proposed: SJCSD Proposed:
  MOU: Retirement: No agreement yet. As individuals reach retirement age, they are more at risk of serious complications related to Covid-19. With this sentiment in mind, SJEA proposed a retirement incentive. This incentive would provide individuals age 62 and older medical coverage until age 65. The same individuals would also receive a one-time percentage of pay bonus. Other potential retirees would receive a one-time payment incentive.                           MOU: Leave Provisions Related to Covid-19: No agreement yet. During these unprecedented times, the union proposed a comprehensive plan to allow individuals control over their personal situations. The union proposed a leave of absence (in addition to state-provided Covid-19 Leave) for immunocompromised individuals at high risk, individuals who care for others at an increased risk and/or are over the age of 60. The union also proposed that employees not be mandated to take sick leave while on a leave of absence.     MOU: Transfer No agreement yet. SJEA proposed a transfer MOU that would open the transfer window to August 10th.     MOU School Calendar: No agreement yet. Both SJCSD and SJEA are working towards a solution that provides a full paycheck on August 14th. Part of that plan includes working August 11-13. The district proposed a change to the 2020-21 school calendar. This calendar highlighted a few changes to the previously approved calendar. 2 in-service days during pre-planning August 11, 12 5 planning days during pre-planning August 13, 25, 26, 27, 28 Optional Teacher Planning day August 24 Student start date of August 31 Grading periods moved to reflect 9-week intervals Removal of one student day (replaced with an in-service day at the start of the year) Modifying one in-service day to become a student day. Ending the school year on June 15   MOU: Leave Provisions Related to Covid-19: No agreement yet. SJCSD proposed that individuals age 65 and over be granted a leave of absence, if desired. Their proposal also included leave for those that are immunocompromised and those that are living with others that are immunocompromised. The district also proposed that individuals must provide a physician’s clearance and receive permission from the district office to qualify for “Pandemic Leave”.       MOU: Transfer No agreement yet. SJCSD proposed a transfer MOU that would allow individuals to apply for transfer to SJVS if they meet the requirement for “Pandemic Leave”. Individuals would be ineligible if they work less than 60%, the transfer puts the employee “out of field”, or do not meet the effective or highly effective teaching criteria from the previous year.                    
It is the position of SJEA that simultaneous remote/distance learning is extra work. We are working to protect planning time and find ways to get the job done under reasonable expectations.  
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